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About Instructor

Founder and Director of Nartan Institute of Performing Arts (NIPA)

“Dance is a form of strength and happiness for me that give me energy to manage well with all aspects of my life, an ultimate source of satisfaction”.

                Dr Kanan Shah 

Dr Kanan Shah is a Pharmacist by profession with a Doctorate in Pharmacy. A former academician and researcher has also worked in community pharmacy and is currently working in Product Development and Research.  

Formally trained in Bharatnatyam from Nrityabharti Ahmedabad, under the guidance of Kalaguru Smt Elakshiben Thakore, she completed her Aarangetram in 1993 at a very young age. She has also been trained in folk dances of India from Gulmohar Institute, Ahmedabad under the guidance of Ms Jayuni Mehta and Ms Apeksha Shah. 

Dr Shah has been teaching in Sydney for 12 years now and prior to that in India. She herself has more than 1000 performances to her credit including those that she now performs with her students from the institute. She herself and the institute have been actively involved associating with various multicultural organizations in Australia for promotion and development of Indian Art. 

Mother of two takes pride in telling that I equally love and am passionate about my pharmacy profession and research as well as my love for dance; and thoroughly enjoy cooking and taking time off with family and associate at different levels with my kids’ school and activities. Her 8-year-old daughter loves Bharatnatyam and Bollywood dancing and she is getting trained under Dr Shah and has been in news performing at this young age at various events.

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